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We provide complete academic and administrative learner support throughout the course.

Adviser Center

helps students understand how to navigate the university/major policies and procedures better.

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Student Center

A student center might offer a variety of programs, activities, services, and facilities.

Prograssive Programs

Welcome to Southstar

The portfolio of SouthStar includes institutions, colleges, and universities from all around the world, which helps enrich a student's educational experience. Information that is accurate and correct has always been demonstrated to be trustworthy and true in delivering the promised services.

Southstar acts as a strong channel with the primary goal of providing premier opportunities in academia.

Free Counselling Sessions

Guidance for Course selection

Free English languge Training

Free Mock Interviews


Financial Assistance (Loan process)

Insurance cover

Travel Assistance

Career opportunity

Pre-departure briefing

Assistance in Accommodation

Forex Assistance


Our Goal

SouthStar offers impartial, comprehensive, genuine, ethical and quality professional training services. We help connect students with higher education institutions around the world. As a partner of choice for the best global educational institutions, we attract the best talents in terms of counselors and facilitators regardless of race, religion or social status and offer a great working environment.

Why us!

Admission to an international institution is one of the laborious and exhaustive process one goes through to pursue an international degree from renowned institutions/universities as well as seeking an international career !

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Raj Kumar Mother
Raj Kumar
Managing Director
Lead Advisor